Motorbike Lockers & Tanks

WATER TANK This also new motorbike tank holds roughly 35L and will fit the front or back wheel of most bikes into the cavity moulded into the tank. Available in an array of colours

Made From food grade so it can also be used for drinking.

Fuel these tanks are also available in a Diesel grade material (not Petrol) and will always be Yellow to eliminate confusion.
Included a Deck Filler (inlet & breather combined), chrome plated ½” tap (outlet) which has a ¾” thread on the end to attach a hose for a gerni, 4 x M10x1.5 nuts (on each side) inserted into the tank to attach them to the locker, and 1 x M10 bolt hole at the bottom of the tank to attach to the vehicle or trailer.

Colours in Stock 2 x Yellow – 1 x Green – 1 x Red – 3 x Teal – 2 x Light Blue
Options 1 or 2 door (divider included for 2 door)
Personalised can be engraved with any logo or your name at additional cost.
Fully Sealed water and dust proof
Comes with thumb press compression locks and a divider if two doors,
Features can be mounted vertically and horizontally
Recommended Retail Price + Freight
Small Tank – 35L = $155.45
– Single Door = $414.37 — Double Door = $444.37 — (Engraving Extra)

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