Commercial Storage Lockers

Our polyurethane lockers will never need to be replaced, never rust or bend short of someone using power tools or a vehicle to destroy them! Doors are double skinned, reinforced for increased strength and durability. Easy to clean as the lockers are water and scratch resistant and the Modular system allows the lockers to be customised to suit your needs They’re made in a range of colours from bright Red to Grey, they are supplied with everything you need to install (screws, numbers, etc) and put the locker system into operation.

Size 900 High x 400 Wide x 450 Deep / Discounts will apply on larger orders,

Each Lockers Include
1 x shelf
Engraved Numbers
Fasteners for installation
Extra’s @ Cost
2 Door
Specialty locks.
Quote Information
Quantity – Colour –
Doors per locker / Lock option
Shelves per locker

If you want your worker’s locker rooms to look as upmarket
as the rest of your operation then these are the answer.