HOSE – Suitable for both Water & Fuel Tanks

PowerFlex TPR – Food Contact – PRICES per Meter

Translucent multipurpose hose. Suitable for food contact and the transfer of air, water and petroleum-based products.

The translucent outer cover and an inner wall (blue tinge) with distinctive red tracer. Conforms to AS 2070 and AS 2554 Class B – Temperature range: 0°C to 60°C

IMPORTANT – if ordering hose ONLY, there is a MINIMUM length of 5 metres.

Seaflo Series 21 Automatic-Water-Pump Model SFDP1-012-035-21

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Features Include:

  • Compact automatic demand water system pump
  • Built-in pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when faucet is opened and closed
  • Compact high-output design 4.3 litre/min
  • Self-priming so pump can be located in a location higher than the tank
  • Run-dry safe / Built-in thermal protection /

  • 3 Year Warranty PRICE

    Seaflo Series 42 Automatic-Water-Pump Model SFDP1-030-055-42

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    Features Include:

  • Max Flow rate: 13.2 litre/min (3.5gpm), can be adjusted from 5.0-3.5lpm (1.3-3.5gpm) as required.
  • Max Pressure: 60psi (4.2bar), can be adjusted from 10psi (0.6bar) to 60psi (4.2bar) as required.
  • Easy connecting system & low power draw
  • Silent running & smooth operation
  • Self-priming / Run dry without damage / 3 Year Warranty PRICE

    SEAFLO 12V 3.2 GPM Fuel Transferring Pump 12v

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    Features Include

  • Self-priming gear electric pumps suitable for lubricants and viscous liquids
  • Rugged bronze body and stainless steel shaft
  • Easy connecting system
  • Rugged bronze body and stainless steel shaft
  • Soft rubber mounts
  • Includes 2 x 12mm (1/2″) brass hose tails