Water Tanks

AWA Water Tanks are made from translucent food-grade polyethylene which allows easy reading of the remaining water level. The universal black nylon deck filler features a quick and easy opening cap wi

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Diesel Tanks

With an AWA Diesel Tank installed, you will be able to fill up when the price is cheap, travel further between fuel stops and venture into more of Australia's beautiful remote outback spots. Both the

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Wheel Arch Storage Box

Made originally to accompany the existing range of Water/ Diesel Wheel Arch Tanks the original style offered to us, unfortunately, was NOT compatible with vehicles th

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Motorbike Tanks

For the first time ever it is now possible to clean your motorbike after riding through the Mud and Dust on the spot instead of waiting until you get home and making a mess all over the driveway. Read More

Motorbike Lockers & Tanks

WATER TANK This also new motorbike tank holds roughly 35L and will fit the front or back wheel of most bikes into the cavity moulded into

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Commercial Storage Lockers

Our polyurethane lockers will never need to be replaced, never rust or bend short of someone using power tools or a vehicle to destroy them! Doors are double skinned, reinforced for increased strength

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