Why should I choose AWA tanks over other styles of diesel and water tanks?
Where are Aussie Wheel Arch Tanks made?
Does my tank come with a warranty?
I belong to a local 4x4 Club. Is there any benefit in us grouping together and buying several tanks?
How much does each tank weigh?
How much does each tank hold?
Can I connect my AWA diesel tank into my existing diesel tank?
How do I empty the tanks if necessary?
Do I need a pump to use my tanks?
Do I need to use hoses with my tanks?
How long does it take for my tanks to arrive?
How is my tank delivered?
How much will it cost to freight my tank?
Why don't you have a flat rate charge for freight?
Can I organise my own freight?
Who do I get to install the tanks if I am unable?
I have storage drawers in the back of my vehicle, will the tank still fit?
Will your tanks fit my Ute, SUV or Station Wagon?
Is there a refund if the product does not suit my needs or fit my vehicle?
What are the Dimensions of your Tanks?